May 30, 2017

Pegnitz-Auen Nürnberg

Since Im gonna live in Nürnberg for a while, I have to find a good place to visit that I like mostly.
There are not so much to do here, so I would like to start my healthy life with walking and running.
Here I found a really good place that hard to find in my hometown, Surabaya-Indonesia.
 So they have a river named Pegnitz. And Pegnitz Auen means the area around Pegnitz.
 The length of the river is about 102 km (source).
And there is a huge area like a park around the river.
People often go to this area to walk, run, do some sports, and also picnic.

I realized that people here are very active, when I mentioned people it means they who have various ages, teenagers, employees, housewives, and also old people (grandpa and grandma).
They like to walk and run in this area.
Well, no wonder because it is proper place to do all those stuff. And very cozy as well.
And me, as a new comer. I go to Pegnitz-Auen almost everyday, to walk, jogging, and I can walk to the city center through this area. This is how to save money for the U-Bahn cost :p
There are some benches to sit, enjoying the weather, trees, and all the singing birds.
And you can spend times here to study, read books.
There is nice playground that makes kids happy.
Thats why I've seen lot of Mom with their kids here to play and do picnic.

As far as you can see, everything is green, Very nice :)
I imagine if we had this kind of place in Surabaya will be nice. 
People get interested to do sports and walk.
Just a note that the citizen should care to keep the area clean.
Pegnitz River
Sounds of the river's flow give the impression that you are in the village and surrounded by nature.
I heard that on Summer we can swim in the river.
And that makes sense as I see the water is clean.
No trash lol

I will try to find another place that I like more, if possible.
Not sure what's written in there, but I think it says if we can do gym in the park.
You know, German language is kinda depressing, haha ..

OK, I think this is the short post about huge park nearby.
And its the first time I post a blog in English, so I hope you guys understand if there are mistakes in my grammar >_<

See Ya!

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