June 13, 2017

BMW Welt, Munich

When we're on the trip, we wish we could go to the cool places with low cost or even for free.
BMW Welt is one of them when you're in Munich, Germany.
BMW Well located next to the BMW headquarters.
The headquarters itself is very cool with the "engine look" building.
OK, back to BMW Welt.
You can go inside for free.
It is a showroom with the current model of BMW cars and motorcycles, and the other two group brands, Mini and Rolls-Royce.
It has a shop selling merchandise and restaurants too.

So if you like cars, this is the right place to go.
You can get in the cars and feel how comfortable and cool it is :p

Don't be afraid, there will no sales team coming to approach you and asking so many questions and make you feel bad after because you don't intend to buy a car at the end, because you're just too excited not to stop and checking for the cars lol.
They also have brand vision for the next 100 years, some ideas and designs for future car.
They are super cool. Got amazed by the design.
If you have no idea how it works I'll give you the video :D

As I mentioned before, there are BMW Motorcycles, Mini, and Rolls-Royce showroom as well.

What do you think ?
It's a good place for something free, isn't it?
I hope you enjoy my post, though there are lot of my pictures instead of the cars >_<
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See you!

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